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2017-2018 Staff

Isaac Valdes-Seago

Sports writer

Grade: 9th Interests: 1. Sports 2. Writing 3. Music   Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: 1. Football 2. Wrestling

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Bianca Gichimu

News writer

Grade: 11th   Interests: Photography Video Editing Painting Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Math Club Book Production Club Choir Club

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Natalee Gibbons

Opinions writer

Grade: 9th   Interests: spending time with her family and friends watching her nieces

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Madeline Prendergast

Managing Editor

Grade: 10th Interests: Writing Short Stories, Photography/ Photo Editing, Learning World Languages. Activities: Playing Softball Traveling

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Hayden Lawler

News Editor

Grade: 10th Interests: Enjoys Reading and Writing Enjoys Nature and Art Dance

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Bailey Fletcher

Sports editor

Grade: 11th   Interests: Reading and writing Running mid-distance Creating Art (painting and drawing) Clubs/Sports/Activities: Varsity Track and Field Team

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Sarah Lam

News Writer

Grade: 12th Interests: Coding Writing Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: AP Computer Science Taken AP English

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Alison Navarro

Life and Times writer

Grade: 11th Interests: Aspiring artist Passion for sports   Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Plays Left Midfield in soccer Plays Centerfield in softball

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Renee Sadler

Life and Times Writer

Grade: 10th Interests: Drawing Reading Cosplay Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Swim Team

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Trenyce Brown

Life and Times editor

Grade: 9th   Interests: Is a singer/song writer Enjoys listening to music Enjoys taking photographs

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Tyler Powell


Grade: 11th   Interests: Reading/Writing Swimming Running Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Yearbook

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Lily Barstow

Online editor

Grade: 11th   Interests: Enjoys sleeping whenever possible and watching YouTube videos.   Clubs/Sports/Activities: Chess Club Vice President RISE Christian Club Member International Club ...

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Elisha Orr

Audio Visual Staffer

Grade: 10th Interests: Volunteers at The Phoenix Zoo Enjoys spending time with friends

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Brooke Blanchard

Audio Visual Staffer

Grade: 11th Interests: Loves to hang out with baby cousins. Loves to go on long road trips Clubs/Sports/Higley High School Activities:  Being a part of the Marching Band's Color Guard and Higley High School...

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Izzy Armentrout

Audio Visual Staffer

Grade: 9th   Interests: Hanging out with friends Playing with my dogs Clubs/Sports/Activities: Student Council

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Julia Price

Life and Times writer

Grade: 9th Interests: Hanging out with friends Loves Dystopian Society novels Enjoys listening to music Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Volleyball Team Dance class ...

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Kylin Gjelhaug

Opinions Writer

Grade: 9th Interests: Member of The Arizona Hotshots Softball Team Music   Clubs/Interests/HHS Activities:  Softball

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Jean​ ​Archer-Riggs

Audio and Visual staffer

Grade:​ ​9th   Interests:​ ​ 1.​ ​I​ ​enjoy​ ​reading​ ​and​ ​writing​ ​poetry ​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​2.​ ​I​ ​love​ ​dancing   Sports:​...

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Rachael Tharp

Opinions Writer

Grade: 11th Interests: Interested in ceramics and takes this class every year in high school Enjoys listening to music in her spare time, including new and different genres. Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Higley Kn...

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Brennan Wemmer

Sports writer

Grade:11th Interests: Skateboarding Interested in news and politics

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Fabian Sanchez Suarez

Opinions Editor

Grade:11th Interests: Playing Video Games Math Soccer Clubs/Sports/HHS Activities: Math Club Super Smash Bros. Club Boys Soccer International Club ...

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Breanna Acosta

Sports Writer

Grade: 9th   Interests: going to the movies plays soccer  

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