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Boys Volleyball

Breanna Acosta, Sports Writer

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Boys Volleyball has begun and they team is hoping for a great season. Jacob Good, a junior at Higley, has been playing since seventh grade and plans on continuing throughout his senior year. Before this he had played for 2 years at a club named Aspire. When asked what this year has taught him, he says, “The best way to grow is to challenge yourself and be willing to do uncomfortable and new things.” Jacob said this season he has felt that the team is a lot more close together. “We don’t simply practice and play together , we go further outside of school.” Jacob’s favorite thing about playing volleyball is the amount of teamwork it requires because “volleyball isn’t about how good the other team is, it’s about how well you work with your players on your side of the net.”

Being on the Higley volleyball team has help him improved with pursuing this all throughout high school, it has taught him many things. The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams have done great this season, Go and support Higley Varsity Boys Volleyball at their next game on Friday April 13 at five thirty, and Junior Varsity on Friday April 13 at four thirty.

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Boys Volleyball